Once I Lived Upon the Sea
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Once I Lived Upon the Sea

Once CD Face "Once I Lived Upon the Sea" outside cover "Once I Lived Upon the Sea" inside cover

"Once I Lived Upon the Sea" Music CD

Design, Music
About This Project

As a family music performer, Steve Weeks has spent most of his career trying to get your kids up and dancing, but with his latest CD “Once I Lived Upon the Sea”, he’s trying to get them to go to sleep.

Although this new album has all the catchy melodies, clever wordplay and sense of whimsy that are signatures of Weeks’ music, it is definitely a new endeavor.  The songs in this collection are soft, acoustic pieces that are more likely to have your child in their pajamas, snuggled in bed than jumping up and down on it.

I wrote, recorded and engineered all songs on this CD, designed and created all cover art, and handled all release activities.  This included:

  • Design of CD Cover concept
  • Employment of mosaic artist to create cover art
  • Employment of photographer to create an images
  • Custom handwriting of title
  • Design and layout of all cover art to album-style specification of manufacturer
  • Creation of 6-panel poster insert
  • Engineering of songs to match specifications of mastering studio
  • Acquiring and assignment all ISRC, Catalog and UPC codes for music
  • Procurement of rights for cover song from Harry Fox agency
  • Creation of press release materials