A Zebra of Any Other Color
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A Zebra of Any Other Color

A Zebra of Any Other Color

So I’m in a cheap motel in Kansas last year during my Summer touring, and I think, “The wood grain on the back of that door really looks like one side of an animal’s face …hmmm”.

It was only half of a face, but to me was unmistakable.  The striped pattern was perfect.  I could see the eye, the nose and even the ear.

I think just about everyone sees recognizable patterns like this.  In particular faces seem to show up just about everywhere from cars to potato chips to clouds.  But for some reason, I really wanted to make something out of this unexpected find.  So, unlike just about everyone else, I grabbed my camera and took a photo…


I then used Adobe Photoshop to mirror the image and isolate the “animal”…


Then I decided to see if I could use Photoshop to create an animated gif…


I ended up just taking various frames from the animation and making a simple poster…



Maybe I should go back to Kansas and hang it on the motel door?

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