Art in Nature – Blinksy
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Art in Nature – Blinksy

Blinksy - Winter Curl

Art in Nature – Blinksy

So I’m sure you’ve heard of Banksy, the anonymous street artist who has created incredible, socially conscious works in England and all over the world, but do you know who Blinksy is?

Blinksy is what I call Banksy’s rural counterpart.  She’s an artist who creates pieces in the natural world.  I’m sure you’ve seen her work …that boulder that is delicately balanced on a sliver of rock, the cloud that looks EXACTLY like someone cloud-watching, or those knots in the aspen trees that you swear are staring at you.

I spend quite a bit of time up in the Colorado high country, and I come across these art pieces quite often.  I’m not simply talking about a beautiful landscape or a natural scene.  I’m talking about those things you see out in the woods or up in the sky that seem so clever and deliberate you feel someone is using Mother Nature’s creations as found objects to make art.

Where Banksy works in urban settings, installing pieces on city walls and sidewalks, Blinksy works in snow, rock, water and wood.   If Banksy is a street artist, Blinksy is a trail artist.

I want to be clear.  I really, really  like Banksy’s work.  First of all, I believe his heart is in the right place.  Secondly, his works are incredibly clever (something I love seeing in art).  Thirdly, he’s really talented and has a good work ethic (something I love seeing in artists).

Although Blinksy’s art may not always have a social message, it can be just a clever, beautiful, and right-under-you nose as Banksy’s.  Sometimes the installations are ephemeral moments created for you and you only.  If you’re out in nature, take a moment and look around.  If you come across one of Blinksy’s works, take a photo, give it a name and feel free to share it using the hashtag #blinksy.  She deserves some recognition.

Here are a few that I’ve seen recently (click to see better image).

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