Drawing Challenge Day 2: Draw on a Rock
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Drawing Challenge Day 2: Draw on a Rock

Day 2 - Rock Drawing

Drawing Challenge Day 2: Draw on a Rock

When Von Glitschka, the instructor of the “5 Day Drawing Challenge” assigned the task of drawing on a rock , I immediately had a specific rock in mind.

When we bought a small cabin up in the high country near Alma, Colorado, we inherited a fire pit.  Well, it wasn’t really a “pit” per se, but a jumble of rocks, ash and burnt objects where the previous owners built fires and sat around, obviously drunk, throwing stuff into the flames.  I say this because in it, I found bolts, broken glass, and random metal containers.  As God is my witness, there was an entire brake housing from a truck in there.

As I sifted through the ash with a make-shift sieve in an attempt to remove the “Pit of Death” from our yard (we had small kids at the time), one of the rocks, broke in half, probably weakened due to years of heating and cooling.

This rock had a reddish outter ring which created a natural frame around the flat surface from the break.  I suppose the ring was also caused by years of sitting in a fire?  I’m really not sure, but regardless, it seemed like a perfect blank canvas.  When you set it on the floor it even faces up a little.  So I thought that some day I’d paint something on it.

I brought it home, but I didn’t know what to paint on it, so it sat for years.  Now I had an assignment to draw on a rock!  So I found it, still sitting by our garden shed, and cleaned it up.

Glitschka recommends using paint pens, but I decided to just use acrylic paint to avoid having to purchase more supplies ..I mean the rock already cost me so much!

I decided it might be nice sitting at the door to our house or cabin, so I painted an aspen leaf and the word “Welcome” on it.  We’ll see how my wife feels about having a rock in the house.  It may end up back in the “pit”.

Again, I encourage you to check out the “5 Day Drawing Challenge: Diversify You Drawing” on Lynda.com.  It really is a fun thing to take on.

Roll of the de

The next challenge is to draw a mythical creature that is a mixture of 3 other animals.  The video provides three groups of 6 animals each, and you’re supposed to roll die to randomly determine which animals you use.  I rolled a 5, 3 and 4, so my animals are owl, angler fish and snake.  Wow.  Can I roll again?



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