Drawing Challenge Day 5: Jumping Jack
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Drawing Challenge Day 5: Jumping Jack

Jumping Jack

Drawing Challenge Day 5: Jumping Jack

Well, the final challenge in the 5 Day Drawing Challenge was to create a “Jumping Jack”.  This was really more of a craft project, but still fun and rewarding.

I struggled a bit trying to think of a good idea.  I thought about making one that looked like Da Vinci’s human form (you know the one that looks like a guy doing jumping jacks), but in the end  decided to keep my artwork very simple on this one since there was a good bit of construction work to be done.

I used cardboard from a cereal box and created my own “carbon paper” by just covering the back of my Day 3 - Sketchoriginal sketch with pencil lead.  This allowed me to transfer the image to the cardboard without having to actually buy carbon paper.

I also couldn’t find a hole punch, so I used our 3-hole punch which was difficult and didn’t allow me to put the holes for the hinges in a good spot.  So in the end, my jumping jack isn’t as nimble as the one the instructor made, but I didn’t want to spend too much money on this project.  I did have to buy some brass clips but nothing else.

This project isn’t all that far off from the artwork I made for my “Change of Heart” music video, so it seemed like familiar territory.  Still, it was fun.

I highly recommend taking this challenge on Lynda.com if you’re looking for a way to exercise your creative muscles.  It’s called “5 Day Drawing Challenge: Diversify You Drawing”.




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