Drawing Challenge Day 4: Found Object
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Drawing Challenge Day 4: Found Object

Found Object Drawing

Drawing Challenge Day 4: Found Object

Well, I found an object alright!  If you’re following along, I’ve been participating in a 5 Day Drawing Challenge.  So far I’ve drawn a distorted human form, drawn on a rock and drawn a mythical creature.  The fourth challenge was to incorporate a found object into a drawing.

I rummaged around my woodshop and found lots of cool objects that I’ve kept over the years, things like Victorian window latches, porcelain wiring knobs, and ornate fixtures.  See, I live in a nearly 120 year old house.  We’ve done a lot of remodeling, and every time I come across some interesting-looking item, I set it aside to use in some project later.  I love the detail and ornament that used to be in every day objects.  You just don’t see that in the supplies at Home Depot.

The problem is that these items were so complicate and ornate, that it was hard to image them as something else.  They are almost little works of art themselves.  I needed something simple that I could build a drawing around.  lead window weightWe’re currently remodeling a bathroom that was causing a leak in the ceiling of my music studio (more on that later), and we’re replacing an old window in the process.  Like all of the old windows in our house, it had a system of pulleys, ropes and lead weights to help open it and keep it open.  You don’t get much more simple than a 4 pound lead weight, so I decided to use one as my found object.

It kind of reminded me of those old giant robot monsters that would be seen attacking a city on vintage comic books ….you know, back when robots were more industrial than plastic.   I thought, I’d try my hand at vinatage comic book art, which proved to be much harder than I thought.  Oh well, it’s not supposed to be a “keeper”, just an exercise.

The fifth and final challenge is to create a cardboard jumping jack character.  This one’s a little more involved, and requires some basic supplies that I’m not sure I have, so I’ll be gathering those up.  I feel like I’m in Kindergarten!




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