Photo a Day Challenge #13-18
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Photo a Day Challenge #13-18

Photo a Day Challenge #13-18

Here are the next 6 photos that I took on my Photo-a-day project in June…


Photo #13 (Tire)

This one is pretty simple.  Just looking down at my bike tire as I was riding home.  It was a little tricky to take this shot without wrecking, but I like the way the overall lines and color came out. 


Photo #14 (A Drink with Smaug)

At Storybook brewing, I kept trying to get a shot looking through my beer at the dragon head on the wall, but it just never came out, so I decided to just try using the focus-lock function to create a little depth of field effect.  It actually worked OK.  Best to keep your dragons out of focus anyway I suppose.


Photo #15 (A Bridge Too Far)

One of the great things about this project is it encourages me to explore a little, since I’m always thinking about how I’m going to find interesting subject matter during my ordinary day activities.  Riding on the Santa Fe trail, I’ve always seen the ruins of this old bridge off in the woods but have never ventured over to check them out.  It’s a weird bridge in that there isn’t even a road anymore.  I need to check out a map and figure out what road used to cross the creek into Goose Gosage park.  I’d love to check it out from the other side too.


Photo #16 (Boris)

Because …well, he was so cute.


Photo #17 (Spin a Yard)

Another experimental shot, I set the timer on my iPhone camera and tossed it into the air spinning.  It took a shot at some point during the flight, and this is what came out.  Kinda cool.


Photo #18 (Botanic Gardens)

I had a performance at the Denver Botanic Gardens, and I just liked the way the light looked on the stage before the show.  This is one shot that I  took for an actual purpose beyond the project since I used it for the social media post about the show.  Finally I did something useful!


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