Photo a Day Challenge #19-24
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Photo a Day Challenge #19-24

Photo a Day Challenge #19-24

These are the next 6 photos I took in my daily photo challenge back in June.  There are some weird ones in here…


Photo #19 (Really? …That’s it?)

Looking up at the Continental Divide on a walk, I snapped this one.  Such a beautiful view, and such a mediocre photo.  Landscape photographers really have their work cut out for them.  I don’t know how they do it.


Photo #20 (Coppertop)

I liked the way the light was creating a little starburst on this copper-plated tabletop in a …you guessed it …craft beer pub. 


Photo #21 (Window)

After a home renovation, we now have an old window that I need to get rid of.  As our house is over 100 years old, the windows have pulley systems made of rope, wheels and lead weights.  I set a light down for a second because I needed a free hand , and I noticed that it created this nice shot. 


Photo #21 (Untrue Wheel)

What the heck is this?  This is what happens when you put your iPhone in panoramic mode, point it down at the front wheel of your mountain bike as you’re riding home, and just let it do it’s thing.  Well, actually what usually happens is you wreck, but I was lucky.


Photo #23 (Red Hot)

Out of curiosity, I put my phone really close to the tail light on my bike and took a shot.  I really like way the colors came out.   The weird thing (that I can not explain) is that the flashing of the light was out of sync on my iPhone screen.  I was  looking at the light and also looking at it through my iPhone at the same time.  It would flash in real life, and then a half second later on the phone screen, so it was hard to time.  Weird.


Photo #24 (Spin Cycle)

Another one of my “throw the iPhone in the air with the timer on” shots.  I should copyright that photographic procedure.  The interesting thing about this is that the phone was NOT in black & white. This was during a rain storm, so it just came out grey.  Yes, I was standing out in a storm throwing my iPhone up and down in the air.  The neighbors are starting to talk.

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