Photo a Day Challenge #25-30
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Photo a Day Challenge #25-30

Photo a Day Challenge #25-30

These are the final few photos from my 30 day photo challenge.  It ended up being a great experience even if the photos weren’t all that good.  Got me to go off the beaten path a few times.

25Photo #25 (Pop the Top)

This is another experimental shot using the panoramic setting on my iPhone.  I was biking to work, and I pointed it up at the sky and just took a shot.  It came out much more interesting than I thought it would.

Photo #26 (Texture)

This was taken on the same ride as the photo above (as I mentioned before, I forgot to take a photo on a couple of days and doubled up on others).  I used the same technique but pointed the camera down in panoramic mode.  What you’re looking at are parts of the bike path, the road, my spokes, and possibly my fingers?  I think this one looks like it could be an album cover. 



Photo #27 (CDs)

I’ve been re-designing my own web site lately, and I needed a photo of my CDs for the slide show that will be on the home page.  I decided that this was a good use of the photo-a-day project.  This is also an indication that maybe I do need a digital SLR camera since I’m taking useful photos like this quite a bit, and the iPhone just isn’t as good.


Photo #28 (Hidden)

Riding up the Santa Fe trail, I’ve always seen graffiti under the road near Criterium bike shop and have wondered what it was like under there.  Now I know!  I hiked my bike down to this area which has 2 long “caverns” connected by a series of openings.  The skaters and BMXers have actually built a series of rails and ramps down there as well as an area to work on their equipment.   But as you can see there’s also a bunch of trash.  I don’t think I’d have ever gone here if if weren’t for this project.


Photo #29 (Red Rock Open Space)

Further proof that I need better equipment and/or better technique for capturing landscapes.  I swear this was a really cool view from up on the ridge.  You can see the quarry and even garden of the Gods in the background.  Oh well.


Photo #30 (Running Out Of Time)

It was the last day of my project, and I just snapped a shot of the clocks at work.  Each room is named for a Olympic host city and has clocks for Colorado Springs and the host city.  I’m in the Melbourne room.  This shot is from the Lillehammer room …which is much cooler sounding.  

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