Photo a Day Challenge #7-12
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Photo a Day Challenge #7-12

Photo a Day Challenge #7-12

Here are the next 6 photos from my daily photo challenge in June.  Nothing too fancy here..


Photo#7 (Conduit)

Some mornings I spend a little time at a coffee shop before work.  I enjoy an Americano, a bite to eat and some quiet time to work on creative ideas or just plan.  It’s a great way to start the day more calmly.  I thought the color of this electrical conduit against the brick wall by my table was worth a snap.


Photo #8 (Sunlight)

Honestly this one just didn’t come out the way I thought it would.  I saw this on the groud on a bike ride. Something about the tree shadow and sunlight super-imposed on the chalk tree and sun seemed really cool at the moment, but I just didn’t capture it.  Oh well.


Photo #9 (Eddy)

Our cat was doing some crazy stretching, so I snapped a few shots of him.  This one isn’t artistically great, but it’s a keeper in terms of family photos.


Photo #10 (Plugged)

OK, so this is back at the same coffee shop as Photo #7.  In fact, looking at all the photos, it’s telling how many are on a bike ride, in a brew pub or in a coffee shop.  I guess June wasn’t such a bad month after all.  I just found this wooden plug in the wall a bit odd.  Yes, I pulled it out …you wouldn’t believe was came pouring out of the wall!


Photo #11 (Blurry)

A horrible quality photo, but it does capture our evening at a local craft bar and kitchen taking in some live music.


Photo #12 (Freeze)

A tremendous rain storm came through and there was massive amounts of water spilling from our gutters.  I took a picture and was really surprised at how well my iPhone captured the drops in mid-air.  Pretty cool.

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