5 Day Drawing Challenge
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5 Day Drawing Challenge


5 Day Drawing Challenge

Lately, I’ve been taking courses on Lynda.com.  If you’re not familiar with this website, it’s a collection of video instruction courses on subjects related to technology, design and business.  You can find thousands of videos about things like photography, web design, application development, video and music production and even business topics ranging from ethics to productivity to MS Office.

What I like about Lynda.com is that the videos and course materials are very high quality.  There are even exercises that you download complete.  It’s a little like sitting in an actual class.  If you’re a learning addict like me, it’s a candy shop.

What I also like about it is that I’m able to access it for free through my local library (shout out to the Pikes Peak Library District).  This is a great benefit of being a card-carrying PPLD member!

I’ve created a web development and design curriculum for myself since that’s an area I want to improve and explore.  As a result, a lot of the courses I’ve lined up are in-depth studies of things like HTML5, WordPress, jQuery, Adobe Illustrator, Graphic Design and the like.

But occasionally, you’ll come across some smaller, lighter videos on Lynda.  These often are ongoing “tips and tricks” videos or daily challenges.  One of these that caught my eye was a course called “5-Day Drawing Challenge: Diversify Your Drawing”.   I love to draw, so I’ve decided to give it a go.

In the spirit of this blog, I’m encouraging you to take this challenge also.  Drawing ability is not a prerequisite for this exercise.  The point is not the art that you’ll create, but the creation of that art.  I think it’s kind of like hitting balls on the driving range …but with a pencil.

So, if you’re up for it, join in.  The first challenge is to draw a human form with distorted proportions.  I’d highly recommend getting access to Lynda.com because the instructor Von Glitschka (a well-known designer and illustrator) does a great job describing each challenge, and his solutions are really fun to see.  Check your local library or other organizations that may have purchased a group membership on your behalf.

I’ll post my “solution” to this first challenge tomorrow, and I’d love to see yours as well.




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