Passing on the Crazy
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Passing on the Crazy


Passing on the Crazy

I think it’s becoming obvious that I have passed on some of my propensity for hare-brained ideas to my children …poor kids never had a chance.

bookuleleMy daughter has to take on a personal project for school.  This is a tradition at her high school where each student is challenged to plan and implement some major project that will teach them new skills and bookulelestretch their capabilities.  The types of things that I’ve seen students accomplish include learning to play an instrument, training an assistance dog, writing a computer program or building a piece of furniture.  It’s a great idea really.

My daughter has decided to build a ukulele out of a book … yes, I typed that correctly, a book.  It’s an entirely crazy idea, so I was on board immediately.  She had to start thinking about the physics of an instrument and how it makes sound as well as how she could construct her “bookulele”.  SunUke2

I think her plan is fairly solid, although it remains to be seen (or heard) what it will sound like.  Regardless it’ll be a fun endeavor, and I can’t point any fingers since I once made a “sun” ukulele out of a cake pan.  She comes by it honest.

Speaking of luthiership, here’s an incredible video about making a flamenco guitar.  I don’t know whether I’m more impressed by the luthier, the guy playing the background music or the person who made the video.  It’s the intersection of 3 masters at their art.  Give it watch!


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